How China has Progress Economically and Politically


This flowchart reveals that China has undergone massive economic and political change. As believes change the government adapts or is forced to adapt to the will of the people.

Do you believe that China’s economic system is the way of the future? If not then what do you see as the economic system of the future?

What do You Like Best About Technology?

My favorite part of technology is designing solutions to the situations that my teacher provides. I have fun working on projects and actively developing the skill I learn in technology. I enjoy problem-solving and getting my hands dirty rather than listening to my teachers teach us about the topic as I find it gets tiresome and boring (though that is a necessary part of a class). I also often find that I learn better by discovering things for myself and exploring the topic before I am told how it works and what to do. Furthermore working and using technology to do projects such as game design is often tedious and problematic and I find it less pleasant. Technology is a fundamental part of our modern day world and in technology class, we learn many important skills; my personal favorite is learning how to problem solve and design a physical solution to a situation that my teacher provides.

How Do You Learn Best in School?

I am a visual learner meaning I learn best by seeing things whether that means I have to read a text or see a picture. If a teacher were to only explain a topic using words, orally I would only retain some of the knowledge but may fail to remember some points. However, if the teacher were to explain the topic using visual aids such as a slideshow, I would retain more to the knowledge that if there were no visual aids. I also find it helpful if a slideshow or a document that was used during class, is posted on classroom so we can refer back to it when studying for a test or quiz. Take notes by hand during class helps me to remember the information better and I can then review my notes when studying. Furthermore, I learn best when I am comfortable in my area meaning the room is the right temperature, not too nosy and I am in a comfortable sitting position.