How China has Progress Economically and Politically


This flowchart reveals that China has undergone massive economic and political change. As believes change the government adapts or is forced to adapt to the will of the people.

Do you believe that China’s economic system is the way of the future? If not then what do you see as the economic system¬†of the future?

4 thoughts on “How China has Progress Economically and Politically”

  1. I liked your flowchart because it really ‘flowed’ and it was easy to understand, however, it had A LOT of writing but in the end, it was worth it

  2. Your flowchart extensively explains the connections of your different political/economic ideas and your events, showing concrete knowledge on the topic and a well rounded analysis. It is, however, very substantial, and becomes hard to read over time. It in itself could even be a book, this is good(the amount of knowledge), but also a challenge for the audience(a lot to read). To improve your flowchart, synthesize and summarize your information a little more, making it easier and better to read. Also your in your 30-word summary you need to change “believes”(verb) to “beliefs”(noun) as well as as inserting a comma after the word “change”.

    So long!

  3. Very well done. Your flow chart is well organized and flows perfectly. The arrows and connections are not confusing to the audience, and the layout is well thought out. Next time, try using some color or images for it to be more eye-opening. Otherwise, great job!


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